Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services in Ahmedabad

Data Entry Services

Data entry Services in AhmedabadData entry is a process of digitizing source documents in various formats into specific format to meet the work process requirements. It is now an obligatory process for any business to exist in the digital age. Our qualified team assists offshore clients from various industries in delivering accurate output with strict turnaround time. We handle small to volumetric Data entry services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, USA and other countries. Our team’s vast experience in handling international databases is an added advantage in accurate digitization of source data. We use effective automation tools to implement robust quality control process which delight our clients with excellent service experience. Infobizz IT Solutions provide high quality data entry services in ahmedabad provides data entry work at lowest cost with friendly customer service in the industry. Our team is capable of handling large volume of work and able to deliver on time with 99.50% accuracy. All tasks accomplished by our agents undergo thorough quality control process with respect to check lists. Our quality analysts (Q.A) team approves the data, and then the output is delivered to our clients.

By outsourcing your data entry work from USA, UK or any other country, you can save money and time as well as utilize your staff in your core business areas. We offer a wide range of data entry services which are designed to suite a wide range of businesses. If you need any offline data entry or online data entry services, just drop us an email. Our POCs will reach out to you, engage with you in the course of your project and deliver the output as per the requirement. One thing that has attracted our customers to approach us again and again for their data entry work is our quality of work, timeliness, prompt response from our well experienced production team.

Offline Data Entry

  • PDF to Excel entry
  • Image to Excel entry
  • Invoice entry
  • Legal documents entry
  • Accounts data entry
  • Forms entry
  • Deed and Mortgage entry
  • Survey entry
  • Catalogues entry
  • Questionnaire data entry
  • Historical documents entry
  • Handwritten documents entry
  • Receipts entry
  • Menu entry
  • Insurance claims data entry
  • Exam results entry
  • Numeric and data entry
  • Database data entry
  • Logistics data entry
  • Cart data entry
  • XML and HTML data entry

Online Data Entry

  • Website to Excel data entry
  • Excel to entry in online database
  • CRM data entry
  • Remote (RDP) data entry
  • Products data entry for eCommerce portals