Scanning and Indexing Services in Ahmedabad

Document Scanning and Indexing Services

Scanning and Indexing Services

Scanning and Indexing Services in Ahmedabad Scanning is process of converting your paper documents into digital format using Document Scanning and Indexing Services. We are equipped with high speed digital scanners to handle scanning of large volume of hard copy documents of different sizes, books, directories, catalogues etc. We strive to provide digital transformation experience to our clients through our Scanning and Indexing Services in Ahmedabad.

Why document scanning is required?

  • To save physical space for storing hard copy documents and reduce paper clutter in your office
  • To overcome risk of loss and damage to your physical documents
  • To enhance information mobility
  • To have easy access to all the documents in electronic format
  • To index documents in an organized manner
  • To easily search and locate specific document from hundreds of documents
  • To save time in handling large volume of physical documents
  • To control access to confidential documents
  • To save environment and promote paperless office

Indexing is process of tagging your scanned documents with searchable terms. It labels each document with unique file name which will be used through all the stages of document lifecycle management.

Why Indexing is required?

  • To handle small to large inventory in organized manner
  • To search or retrieve specific documents from set of hundreds of digital documents
  • To save time and increase productivity in handling files
  • To track and effectively communicate documents
  • To archive documents and store in repository
  • To facilitate organized digitization process of documents

How to utilize our scanning services?

Businesses and individuals who require converting their hard copy documents, books, directories etc. in digital format can ship their paper documents with required output format (i.e. PDF, TIFF) at our office address. Please mention if you would require hard copies returned.